We are an organisation of Australians who are committed both to upholding the Australian Constitution and recognising indigenous Australians.

We believe that it is possible to develop measures that would fairly recognise Australia’s indigenous peoples; help to enable better outcomes for them; and, at the same time, uphold the integrity of the Australian Constitution.

  • To read Damien Freeman’s latest opinion piece, dated August 4, 2016, click here.
  • To read An Australian Declaration of Recognition by Damien Freeman and Julian Leeser click here.
  • To read more about constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, click here.
  • To read our Charter for Upholding the Australian Constitution and Recognising Indigenous Australians, click here.
  • To register your support for the Charter, click here.
  • To view a list of other organisations concerned with constitutional recognition of indigenous people, click here.


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